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Clearing 2019 is now open

Clearing 2019 is now open

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????????????Clearing courses at the University of Gloucestershire

Listed below are all the courses that you can apply for? through Clearing. Use the links to find out more about the courses you're interested in or call us on 03330 432414 to speak to one of our advisors and discuss your options.??

?All ?of our undergraduate Clearing courses welcome applications from students with BTEC diploma qualifications and those with BTEC diploma qualifications held in combination ?with A-levels and other qualifications.???? 

If you're unsure whether you have the right qualifications or enough UCAS tariff points to apply, please call our advisors who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Key: F Fast-track options available. P Placement options available.

Accounting and Finance


Art and Design


Business Studies


Criminology and Policing

Drama, Performing Arts and Dance

Education and Learning


English and Creative Writing


Film, Television and Media


Health and Social Care

History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Hospitality, Tourism and Events


Landscape Architecture







Sport and Exercise

?What are UCAS Clearing courses?

If you’ve heard someone mention ‘Clearing’ they are referring to the process by which universities and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses between July and September each year.

Clearing courses are the undergraduate courses that are accepting Clearing applications. Not all of the undergraduate courses we offer are open during Clearing, so it’s important to check that the course you want to apply for is still accepting applications.

The UCAS Clearing courses list will show the courses that have places and are available for you to apply for once you have your exam results. For many students, applying for Clearing courses is a great way to secure a university place, perhaps because you may not have the grades you were hoping for or have only just decided to apply to university.

When are UCAS Clearing courses available?

From 5 July to 23 October, you can apply for a UCAS Clearing course if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places. You will need your exam results to go through Clearing. If you are studying A levels then you will not be able to apply for any Clearing courses until mid-August. If you’re ready to apply for university before Clearing opens, you may be able to submit a late application for your chosen course, or apply through UCAS Extra.

Who should apply for UCAS Clearing courses at University of Gloucestershire?

?Many students will be eligible to apply for our Clearing courses. This may be because you haven’t achieved the grades you were hoping for or you have only recently decided to apply to university. If you apply after 30 June you will automatically be entered into the Clearing process by UCAS.

How to find Clearing courses

Finding Clearing courses can be a stressful time so it’s important you prepare yourself for all eventualities. Demand for the most popular courses can be high, so make sure you are available on the date that Clearing courses are announced. Make a list of the courses that interest you and do your research in case you need to have a telephone interview. Prepare questions and try to demonstrate your enthusiasm when speaking to course leaders.

How do people apply for Clearing courses at University of Gloucestershire?

If you’re applying for any Clearing courses, you’ll still need to register and make an application through UCAS as normal. If you’re not holding any offers from other universities, UCAS will provide you with a Clearing Number, which enables you to apply for Clearing courses. Once C?learing is open you can call our Clearing hotline which is open Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm or speak to us using our live chat service on our website.?


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